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Cruise the course in style

GRRS is the electric fat tire scooter company that is changing the way the golf game is played. Our products were born out of our love for the sport and inspired by the drive to enhance the golfer experience.

From the wide wheels to the electric battery, the ride is nothing short of easy and eco-friendly. And the benefits don’t stop there...

We invite you to enhance your golf experience with these innovative easy to use golf scooters. Electric scooters create a fun and modern take on the adult scooter. Shop our fat tire scooters to experience ultimate freedom and fun.

Every GRRS comes with

Every GRRS comes with

GRRS are very "turf friendly", with large tires and very lightweight, they are less damaging than a traditional golf cart.

  • Powerful, High-torque Waterproof Differential AC Motor 1500w
  • Lithium Ion "Quick-Swap" battery 60V charger (12AH, 20AH)
  • Three large turf-friendly tires for added stability
  • Front and Rear Suspension for a smooth ride
  • Large, well-cushioned seat for added comfort
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum bag holder, holds even large Tour Bags
  • Handlebar mounted platform holds scorecard, pencil, tees, small items, balls, and a drink
  • One Year Limited Parts Warranty
  • Speed:15 kmh - 45 kmh, distance 30-40 km

Customize yourGRRS

Customize your

Optional Extras

  • Heavy Duty Golf Bag Holder
  • Sand bottle for divot repair
  • Drink holder
  • Scorecard and pencil holder
  • Tee holderAdditional Removable, "quick-swap", battery 12AH or 20AH
  • Mag wheels 10inch with tyres
  • Hub caps
  • Cooler Box
  • Eater Shield
  • Amanda Maritz

    All golf scooters are single-rider,OR for the skinny riders can get on the double seat. Designed to carry your partner or caddy. It can also be changed to take two golf bags, but that also depends on the weight of the players.

    "Focus on your game by spending valuable time figuring out your next shot instead of waiting for your playing partner to finish."

    So being a single rider you don’t have to worry about dropping off your playing partner at his or her ball. You can drive straight to your ball saving time and having fun along the way.



In Increase profits on electric vehicle rentals with GRRS Golf scooter, reducing cost per rental and increasing revenue per golfer.

Opinions and thoughts...

  • Maxidor
    "GRRS not only is a lot of fun to ride, but also speeds up the game“

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